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Acseine Hair Care Products for Sensitive Skin

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Price in USD 55 USD
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Product Code SKU 00510
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Japanese cosmetics company Acseine is known for its product lines that are specially formulated for those with sensitive skin, and its haircare series is among its most popular. People who have sensitive skin on their scalp or even their face often have negative reactions to many shampoos and conditioners. Acesine’s products are made for exactly these people. Its shampoo creates a light, mild lather to gently cleanse, while the conditioner provides moisture to all hair types, without weighing it down. Of course, the items are both free of parabens, ethanol alcohol, fragrances, and artificial colorants in order to minimize irritants. Acseine notes that its products may not be suitable for every single person with skin trouble, but its hair care line in particular is beloved by many with sensitive skin who haven’t found anything else that works as well for them.

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