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Rika Chan LW-16 Wedding Dress Set Pink. By Takaratomy

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Rika Chan LW-16 Wedding Dress Set Pink. By Takaratomy

Girls from all over the world will be delighted to play with Rika Chan and her Pink Wedding Dress Set.

We are glad to present Rika Kayama, a.k.a. “Rika Chan”, one of Japan’s best-known entertainers, and the dream doll of every Japanese girl.

 Rika Chan is in fact the Japanese equivalent of Barbie; though she is far more popular in Japan than her American predecessor.

This domestic action figure was introduced to Japan by the toy company called Takara in 1967. Founded in 1955, Takara has since merged with fellow Japanese toy company Tomy Co., Ltd. to make Takaratomy Co.

 Maker: Takaratomy

Package size: 14.5×21.5×18cm

Brand: Takaratomy

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