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Panasonic Rice Bread Cooker Gopan SD-RBM1001-T

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We generally associate Panasonic with HD camcorders, but Japan is actually going wild for the company’s kitchen appliances instead. The Panasonic GOPAN looks like a regular bread maker, but it actually bakes rice bread from grains of rice rather than pre-milled rice flour.

GOPAN is the world’s first home cooker that makes bread from rice grain. It should also appeal to those on a gluten-free diet.

Because of the limited availability of rice flour and consequently its high price, rice-flour bread baking hasn’t caught on with consumers in Japan. Panasonic therefore set out to develop a system to make rice bread from home-milled rice flour.

By taking a hint from the conventional rice-flour bread baking process in which rice flour is mixed with water, Panasonic has invented an out-of-the-box rice milling method which mills rice grain into rice paste after softening it in water. Measured amounts of washed rice, water, salt, sugar and shortening are placed in the GOPAN’s bread pan, while wheat gluten and dry yeast are placed in the automatic ingredient dispenser on the upper side of the unit’s body. After the automatic process of milling, kneading, rising, and baking, a rice bread is produced.

For people that are allergic to wheat gluten the GOPAN comes with a wheat-free setting. For this process all the ingredients are placed in the bread pan with powdered rice (joshinko) taking the place of the wheat gluten.

Using ingredients like brown rice and minor grains also allows the GOPAN to produce a variety of breads and, like other conventional bread makers it can be used to make wheat bread, bread dough, and wild yeast bread. The device also includes a “Gluten and nut automated putting feature” for the creation of gourmet breads, while a “Jam Course” feature tops the bread with a topping made from fruits. Additionally there is a “Noodle Dough course” for the making noodles and pasta and a “Rice cake course” for making rice cakes.

Main Features

World First! "Fully-Automatic Rice Mill Function" to turn "Rice" at Home into Bread

"Gluten Free Setting" ideal for people with wheat allergy

Total 22 Settings provided for making a wide variety of bread


Product name GOPAN Rice Bread Maker

Product No. SD-RBM1001-T

Nickname GOPAN

Colors Premium White(W) / Brown(R)

Dimensions 354mm (width) x 278mm (depth) x 387mm (height)

Weight Approx. 11 kg

Shipping weight 15 kg

Wattage 450W (milling) / 150W (kneading) / 300 W (bakery heater)

Voltage 100V - 50/60Hz. A step down transformer will be necessary in countries with higher voltage supply.

We can supply it at an additional cost; upon request.

Cooking Capacity Bread: 1 loaf (rice cake: 3 180ml cups)

Crust Selection Dark / Medium / Light

Timer Setting Up to 13 hours / Countdown time display

Bread Pan 2 types (For rice bread and wheat bread)

Blender 3 types (For rice bread, wheat bread, and noodle)

This product might need a step down transformer depending on your country of residence. Please click here to buy a transformer.


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