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Robovie-X PRO. Highest class model robot. By Vstone, Japan

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Robovie-X PRO. Highest class model robot. By Vstone, Japan

 Pre-assembled product.

 Robovie-X PRO comes with a decorative stand for upright exhibition.

 Item description

 Osaka-based robot maker Vstone presents the Robovie-X PRO, the most advanced humanoid of its "Robovie-X" series of high-end models, which features high manoeuvrability and ease of use.

 The robot is not a kit but a pre-assembled product.

 Robovie robot also comes with a decorative displaying stand.

 Please note that this product is made ​​to order. It will take more time to deliver than regular products.

Regarding delivery time, please contact us.

We have also included wireless game controller for robot navigation.


Product Specifications


Advanced "Robovie-X PRO"

Outer shape measures:        383 × 180 × 73mm (H × W × D)

Weight:          Approximately 1.96kg (with battery)

Degrees of freedom: Total 19 degrees of freedom: 1 head, 6 arms, 12 legs

Servomotor    Each VS-S281J × 16, VS-S092J × 3 pieces

CPU Board "VS-RC003HV" Specifications: Dimensions: 52 × 48 (44) × 13mm

Weight: 21g

Corresponding operating voltage: 5 ~ 16V

Servo motor output: 30ch

Interface with PC: USB (HID)

Supported controllers: gamepads, ProBo

Included software: RobovieMaker2

Featured audio output (2W)

With expansion port IXBUS (1 port)

Expansion Boards] [IXBUS

• Acceleration sensor expansion board gyro / "VS-IX001"

Expansion board · 16ch LED "VS-IX004"

· 16ch digital input expansion board "VS-IX007"

· 8ch analog input expansion board "VS-IX008"

Included software     Motion creation software "RobovieMaker2"

Power 6V nickel-hydrogen battery

Supported OS           Windows2000/XP/Vista (Japanese)

Interface        USB

Other  Standard with an LED on the part of both eyes (VS-LED1 × 2)

Option            See " Optional Parts "Please refer to the page.

Commodity composition      Adjusted body assembly (Gyro Sensor Expansion Board "VS-IX001" Built-body)

Battery, Stand, Charger, USB cable, wireless game controller, CD-ROM (Operating Instructions, RobovieMaker2)

Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice 

 Operating environment

 OS       Windows2000/XP/Vista

CPU   Since Pentium-Ⅲ (more recommended 1GHz)

RAM  128MB

Interface        USB

Screen size     XGA (1024 × 768) or more



 Friendly interface to create a motion similar to a flowchart format

Calculation can be performed using variables such as conditional branching and by the user during the motion sensor, you can create a complex behavior

Weakness of the servo motor can be switched individually in motion

Analog inputs can be used to support the gamepad stick

Feedback to the servo motors and a gyro sensor information of the analog stick, and master and slave can operate in a balanced center of gravity operation


Brand: Vstone

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