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Oriental Bazaar Japanese Ceramic Blue Grey Dish and Bowl. Arita Style From Kyushu

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Kyushu is the pottery capital of Japan. The history of porcelain in the region dates back to the early 17th century. Arita is the cradle of Japan's porcelain, boasting a 400 year history.


Distinctive and desirable, Arita-yaki ( Arita ceramic) is characterized by its highly-decorative designs and fine lines of golds, blues, reds and greens.


Color: Glazed blue and charcoal grey









Code: 4965451513454

The Oriental Bazaar is a Tokyo institution, dating back to 1916. The store has occupied its current location on the city’s busiest shopping street, Omotesando, since 1951, in an iconic building modeled after a Japanese shrine. It is widely known as the best place to buy souvenirs in Japan, and has been mentioned in countless guidebooks, travel magazines and documentaries. The Oriental Bazaar team carefully selects the best products from artisans and factories all across Japan, giving customers the chance to purchase unique, high-quality items at reasonable prices. Now, through an exclusive partnership with Japan Goods Finder, the Oriental Bazaar’s products are available for purchase online and internationally for the very first time. 

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Brand: Oriental Bazaar

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