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OAKLEY Frogskins Marine Fade. Oakley x BEAMS

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Product Code SKU 00111
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These sunglasses are part of a special, limited-edition collaboration between Oakley and Japanese manufacturer and retailer BEAMS.

Released in 1985 OAKLEY Frogskins, the surfers and skaters at the time by the height of style and function, a typical model and popular musicians.

Became a hot topic among some riders and artists from out of print and, in the wake of the type found production of the original accident was believed to have been discarded long, 22 years after the reprinted edition in summer 2007 was released.

Quantity, has developed new color models in limited Frogskins2010 retailer of the year.


* Ultra-lightweight and durable O Matter ® frame material

Reprint logo accent - Factory Pilot

- Three-point fit to ensure comfort and a comfortable position over lens comfort

· HDO ® high resolution and minimal distortion due to the naked eye near the lens technology

· UVA, UVB, UVC, 100% and harmful blue light cuts Plutonite ® lens

- American Planning Association and ANSI Z87.1 Z80.3 impact test performance of high speed optical all the tests

Item Details

Type : MEN

Category :  Accessories > Sunglasses glasses


Material : Lens: Plastic sim with Lens: Plastic Temple: Plastic

Item Size

Size                 Temple           Frame            Lens

ONE SIZE     14.5                 14.5                 4.3 × 5.3


Brand: Oakley x BEAMS

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