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New Japanese KitKats are Designed to be Baked 3 pack set

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Price in USD 39 USD
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Product Code SKU 00448
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It is well known that Japan has some very unique, often limited-edition flavors of KitKat candy bars that can't be found anywhere else in the world. But the latest addition to the KitKat lineup is a series that are made with the intention that customers will bake them and eat them warm. After cooling the KitKats in the fridge, simply pop them into a toaster over for about two minutes and you will have yourself a freshly baked treat. The first flavor in this new KitKat series is pudding, and when baked until it has a lightly browned crust, it tastes similar to creme brûlée. Stock up before they sell out, and Japan Goods Finder will ship your order internationally to anywhere in the world!




Brand: Kit Kat

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