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Okinawan elementary Rafute 80g (2 ~ 3 servings)

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Made by MUJI,  this new product is a very traditional Japanese dish from the islands of Okinawa. Okinawan cuisine "Rafute (corner of boiled pork)" .Add the water, simply boil can make.

■ Dimensions and weight capacity  Per 100g: energy 121kcal, protein 3.3g, fat 0.2g, carbohydrate 26.4g, sodium 2300mg, sodium chloride equivalent 5.9g, water 63.7g, ash 6.4g, 1 80g per bag: Energy 96.80kcal, protein 2.64g, 0.16 fat g, carbohydrates 21.12g, Sodium 1840.00mg, sodium chloride equivalent 4.72g,

Brand: Muji

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